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Fiber+Power™ Solution

Powered Fiber Solutions for Smarter Network Densification

Signal & Power Transmission Over Hybrid Fiber Cabling

In a world where smart cities, campuses, and buildings are redefining how we live and work, powering remote devices is no longer just a technical challenge—it’s a crucial opportunity. Enter Wirewerks’ Fiber+Power™ solutions, seamlessly combining bandwidth and power over a single hybrid fiber/copper cable. This game-changing technology simplifies installation, slashes costs, and meets the ever-growing demand for high-performance, low-latency connectivity. Whether it’s DAS, Small Cell, Wi-Fi, Smart City, or Smart Building applications, Fiber+Power™ is transforming digital infrastructure and empowering the future of connectivity.

Longer Reach, More Bandwidth, More Power

Fiber+Power solutions operate over hybrid fiber/copper cables that combine the reach and bandwidth of SM/MM optical fiber with copper power conductors in the same cable. Hybrid cables are available with different types and counts of optical fibers and copper conductors to support the longer distances, higher bandwidth and greater voltage requirements often found in the targeted applications.

Faster Deployments & Reduced Costs

Fiber+Power solutions eliminate the need for separate communications and power cables, substantially reducing material costs. Hybrid cables simplify installation, saving both time and money; and hybrid cables reduce conduit fill, avoiding the costs and delays of new conduit installations. The low-voltage SELV/NEC Class 2 power circuits in the hybrid solution typically do not require installation by licensed electricians, further reducing costs.

Proven Solutions for Central & Remote Locations

Fiber+Power rack-mount products are precision engineered to simplify installation and save space in central equipment locations. For remote device connectivity and power, Fiber+Power enclosures are available in a range of sizes to support single and multiple devices. Fiber+Power products feature technician-friendly integrated fiber splice trays, fiber adapter strips, and quick-splice copper power connectors to simplify installations while providing superior quality results at lower costs.

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