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Deploy Fiber Faster to Subscribers in Multi-Tenant Commercial Buildings

Deploy Fiber Faster to Subscribers in Multi-Tenant Commercial Buildings

Fiber All the Way is a Powerful Selling Proposition

For Communication Service Providers (CSPs), offering fiber all the way to the subscriber’s premise is a powerful selling proposition, especially for business customers in Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU) commercial buildings.

CSPs routinely adopt the latest industry-proven best practices for deploying OSP fiber to commercial buildings, however strategies for extending fiber to multiple subscribers scattered throughout a multitenant commercial structure still rely on generic in-building fiber distribution techniques. More and more, service providers are realizing that efficient fiber deployment to multiple subscribers in MTU properties is a distinct networking application with its own challenges and specialized requirements.

Smart CSPs are looking for rapid deployment in-building fiber solutions designed specifically for connecting randomly distributed subscribers’ premises in MTU commercial properties. The realization is that the right solution is quite literally an ‘inside job’.

What’s Different in Multi-Tenant Commercial Buildings?

From a 10,000′ view, fiber networking in multi-tenant commercial buildings will seem familiar. CSPs will need to manage their OSP fiber entry, distribute fiber cabling vertically within the structure, and then connect horizontally to each of their individual subscriber’s premises. The difference, however, lies in the commercial aspects of the multitenant environment that drive additional requirements for fiber networks in MTU commercial buildings.

Building owners typically authorize multiple service providers to offer services to tenants within the property. CSPs compete for the available customers and must be positioned to quickly connect new subscribers anywhere in the building. Given the commercial dynamic of multiple CSPs competing for randomly distributed customers within the building, pre-cabling to every suite is inefficient in terms of investment, time and resources.

A better approach is to design and deploy a flexible core network within the structure that can quickly and efficiently extend to any new subscriber premise, anywhere in the building at any given time. Additionally, the core network must scale for growth and change without impacting performance or reliability for existing subscriber’s connections.

Solution Checklist for Fiber Networks in MTU Properties

Start by looking for fiber cabling solutions that are conceived and engineered specifically for CSP networks in MTU commercial buildings. General-use fiber cabling products that are cobbled together in generic fiber distribution designs won’t have the application specific features that maximize benefits for both CSPs and their subscribers.

Next, look for features and capabilities that prioritize rapid, reliable fiber deployment. ‘Rapid deployment’ is a particularly important capability as CSPs often face very short installation time-slots, and must be ready to connect new subscribers quickly to their core network at all times. Look for systems that offer splicing, pre-connectorized cables, and factory-terminated cable assembly options throughout the fiber path. Some systems offer intermediate distribution hubs and customer premise panels with on-board spools of pre-terminated multi-fiber cables that can be pulled to the exact length required for quick plug-and-play deployment and connectivity.

Finally, look for solutions that transform the traditional fiber entrance/main distribution hub into a full-featured MTU ‘gateway’ by combining OSP fiber termination with integrated, configurable modules for fiber splicing, patching, distribution, splitter and C/D-WDM functions.

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