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Optimizing Fiber Deployment in Toronto’s Scotia Plaza with Wirewerks’ FiberRUN™ System

Optimizing Fiber Deployment in Toronto’s Scotia Plaza with Wirewerks’ FiberRUN™ System


Customer: National Telecom and Media Company, Business Solutions Division

Industry: Telecommunications / ISP

Application: FTTP (Fiber-to-the-Premise) in multi-tenant unit (MTU) commercial tower

Project: Rapid deployment of fiber to any subscriber premise anywhere in the tower

Project Location: Scotia Plaza – Toronto, Ontario

Project Overview

In the heart of Toronto’s financial district stands the iconic 68-story Scotia Plaza, a hub of commercial activity and home to numerous businesses. One of Canada’s leading telecommunications and media companies faced a significant challenge: rapidly deploying fiber to any subscriber premise within this massive multi-tenant unit (MTU) commercial tower. The solution? Wirewerks’ FiberRUN™ Rapid Deployment System.


Deploying fiber in a high-rise like Scotia Plaza involves numerous challenges. The primary issues include reducing deployment costs, minimizing complexities and delays, and ensuring the ability to reach any subscriber premise quickly and economically. Additionally, the solution needed to support multiple fiber topologies, including dedicated fiber PON and WDM.

Historically, deploying fiber in such environments often required a piecemeal approach, using a variety of products from multiple manufacturers. This not only increased costs and complexity but also made it difficult to maintain consistency and reliability. Labor and material shortages, particularly during recent global supply chain disruptions, further complicated these installations.

Wirewerks’ FiberRUN™ Solution

The FiberRUN™ System was specifically developed to address these challenges. It features three main system elements that enable rapid fiber deployments in virtually any size or type of multi-tenant commercial property:

  1. FiberRUN Gateway: Installed at the property’s fiber entrance, it manages incoming optical fibers from the service provider’s access network.
  2. FiberRUN FLEX Hubs: Strategically located throughout the property, these hubs enable rapid fiber deployment to any subscriber premise without the expense of pre-cabling all units.
  3. FiberRUN Subscriber Stations: These stations terminate fibers at the customer’s premise, offering fast, splice-free plug-and-play connections.


Using the FiberRUN™ System, the telecommunications company achieved a cost-effective, rapid-deployment fiber backbone throughout Scotia Plaza. This setup allows for quick extensions to connect new subscribers as needed, tying network investment directly to subscriber revenue and reducing time-to-revenue for new customers.

The pre-terminated fiber approach facilitated faster deployments with smaller crews and fewer specialists, lowering costs, simplifying testing, and improving overall network reliability. The modular design and support for various topologies ensured efficient scalability and adaptability to evolving network demands.


Wirewerks’ FiberRUN™ System proved to be the ideal solution for deploying fiber in Scotia Plaza. By leveraging a structured, modular approach, it minimized material requirements, reduced waste, and improved installation efficiency. This case study underscores the effectiveness of FiberRUN™ in meeting the demands of modern telecommunications infrastructure in multi-tenant commercial properties.