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High-Performance Cable Assemblies

High-Performance Cable Assemblies

Plug-and-Play Connectivity Solutions

Wirewerks engineers and manufactures a complete line of optical fiber and twisted-pair cable assemblies, available in popular standard configurations or custom-manufactured to customer specifications. Fiber products include patch cords, pigtails, MPO cable assemblies, node service cable assemblies and multi-fiber distribution assemblies. Twisted-pair products include patch cords, pigtails and trunk assemblies. “Pre-term” solutions are available in both fiber and copper media.

It’s In Our DNA

Cable Assembly manufacturing has been a Wirewerks core competency since the company was founded more than 30-years ago. Today, our Cable Assembly product line continues to be an important element of our over-all product mix, fueled by supply agreements with major communications service providers and data center operators, and by wide use in virtually every enterprise network application.

The Trend Today

Many network operators are moving away from field terminated connectivity in favour of factory-built Cable Assemblies whenever possible.

▪ Avoiding field terminations expedites installation and operations, reduces tech time and costs, improves termination quality and network reliability & performance.

▪ Technician skill levels vary, resulting in variable productivity rates, variable quality of workmanship, and variable performance that can negatively impact network performance and reliability.

▪ These variable factors increase cost, impact network performance and reliability, and may complicate manpower/project scheduling and cost control.

As a result, network designers are opting for plug-and-play connectivity strategies throughout their networks and turning to trusted suppliers like Wirewerks for the high-performance Cable Assembles that simplify deployments, maximize performance and reliability, and reduce costs.

Proven Process Yields Virtually Perfect Results

Over thirty-years of experience has taught us that an effective Total Quality Program must reach beyond thefactory floor. Our program starts with expert technical assistance to ensure proper cable assembly design, and uses step-by-step product configurators to virtually eliminate ordering errors. Orders then move on to our purpose-built, dedicated cable assembly manufacturing facility where experienced technicians use state-of-the- art equipment and processes to build each assembly precisely to customer specifications. Finally, we perform 100% testing of all assemblies and package carefully, ensuring that all Wirewerks Cable Assemblies arrive on-site exactly as-ordered, performance certified, and ready for installation.

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