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A Simple Way to Save 1U of Space

A Simple Way to Save 1U of Space

The Challenge

As usual...a lack of space

For network providers, scheduling cabling installers and active equipment technicians in the proper sequence to complete a new service installation can be challenging. Add the need to coordinate access to the customer’s premise for multiple technicians and it’s easy to see how scheduling issues can cause missed delivery commitments resulting in service delays for customers along with additional costs and delayed billing for providers.

Rogers Communications told us that in addition to scheduling and coordination issues, one of the most common site challenges with new service installations is a lack of space in the customer’s racks and cabinets. Rogers’ field installation managers asked if Wirewerks could innovate a solution for these challenges in their service
provisioning operations.

The Wirewerks Solution

Introducing the NextSTEP Minus 1U Patch Panel

After assessing Rogers’ commercial and operational objectives for certain types of new service delivery, Wirewerks proposed the development of an industry-first patch panel that combines fiber cable management and active equipment in the same 1U of rack space. This new approach saves 1U of rack space versus the industry-typical approach of using ‘1U for cable management and 1U for active equipment’, thereby solving the ‘rack is full’ surprise found at many sites. 

The NextSTEP Minus1U Patch Panel consolidates fiber cable management and active equipment in the same 1U of rack space by dividing 1U of rack space into a NextSTEP chassis on one side along with a reserved space on the other side to receive active network equipment including hubs, routers and switches.